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The Accurate Club- Water Softener
System Maintenance and Repair Plan

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A water softener system is an essential component for Houston homes, ensuring the longevity of household appliances. Dealing with the challenges of ‘hard’ water, rich in calcium and magnesium, these systems effectively eliminate abrasive particles, preventing lime scale buildup and enhancing soap’s cleaning efficiency. Though repairs are rare, regular maintenance is vital for optimal functionality.

Water Quality

Benefits of Water Softeners:

Extended Appliance Lifespan

Preserve the longevity of fixtures, water heaters, and water-using appliances.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Enjoy softer water for healthier skin and hair.

Reduced Soap Usage

Minimize soap scum and decrease reliance on soaps and fabric softeners.

Softer Towels

Experience the luxury of softer and fluffier towels

Energy Efficiency

Optimize water heater efficiency, leading to cost savings.

Time Savings

 Less time spent cleaning due to reduced scale buildup.

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Premium water softener installation and maintenance services by Accurate Plumbing Service

  • Enroll in Accurate Plumbing Services’ Quarterly Water Softener Maintenance Plan.
  • Includes salt delivery, visual inspection, water analysis, programming check, timer adjustment, and system operation check.
  • Exclusive discounts for replacement or additional equipment (up to $500 off).

Flexible financing options available.