Was Your Home Built With Galvanized pipes?

If so, it's time to schedule home repiping services in the Houston & Pearland, TX area

Acidic water can corrode galvanized pipes and connections, causing leaks and water contamination. To protect your household from the adverse effects of galvanized piping, Accurate Plumbing Services can send a repipe specialist to your location to modernize your plumbing system. We use PEX tubing in every plumbing project we do in the Houston & Pearland, TX area.

Compared with galvanized piping, PEX tubing is...

More durable
Easier to install
More affordable

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What to expect during the repiping process

Our top priority is your health and safety, so you can trust us to be thorough when providing home repiping services. We'll be sure to replace rusty galvanized pipes and deteriorating connections to ensure that your new plumbing system is up to par.

Call 713-817-3977 now to let us know when we should send a repipe specialist to your home in the Houston, Friendswood & Pearland, TX area. You'll receive real-time tracking information on the day of your appointment.

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